Von der Idee zum Produkt

In 6 steps to your product

1. Packaging development

No matter whether a complete packaging solution is required or just a particular detail - Cosack's package development department will always find a way.

Environmentally friendly cardboard, a perfect inner life and practical handling combined with a minimum input of raw materials - these are complex tasks that are solved in our packaging department with creativity and well-founded technical know-how.

The collapsible box as a marketing instrument requires demanding development. But each cardboard box only gets the profile that it needs and is desired through creative ideas.

2. Preliminary stage

Profit from the multifarious opportunities provided by the preliminary stage spectrum thanks to digital preliminary stage work-flow. This holds good not only for the production of colour-binding proofs but also for the production of the printing plates, these being produced by the computer-to-plate method (CTP).

3. Printing

Fully in line with our corporate philosophy, our printing machines are always in accordance with the latest state of the art.

High-tec systems with the latest mechanical basic design and the implementation of the most modern electronics set the scene in the offset area. Six-colour printing machines with integrated inking systems and the most up-to-date automating components ensure uniform and excellent production-run quality. To see a colour is one thing, to print it another.

We unite these different perspectives with our spectral Image-Control colour measuring system on the printing machines - in combination with the use of a CIELAB colour space system which reproduces human perception.

4. Blanking

The blanking department is in line technologically with the latest state of the art. We are able to realize even the most difficult tasks with maximum precision and the efficiency demanded by the market.

5. Gluing

Individual, creative packaging solutions are made possible by a multitude of different processing opportunities in the gluing machine area. Thanks to our 3 modern and efficient gluing machines we are able to offer a wide range of different gluing techniques, for example for longitudinal seams, folding bottom gluing, 4 and 6 point gluing or special gluing.    

These include too window gluing also with a flexible bending edge and paper reverse-gluing - in each case precisely, rapidly and efficiently through the use of the latest technologies.

6. Logistics

Our production and storage space (15,200 m2), parking space for 8,000 pallets as well as imaging facilities in modern EDP form are your guarantee for the required logistical services and the necessary flexibility.

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