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A good retail packaging of cardboard provides a powerful inducement-to-buy at the point-of-sale. This very important characteristic of cardboard boxes has been verified in numerous market studies.

The advantages lie not only at a functional but also at an emotional level.

Zeichnung Faltschachtel


Sector-typical packagings often require special manufacturing or form characteristics, for example:

Cosmetics: Paper opening tab with restickable glue for cleansing tissues

Food: Use of hygiene systems in the production of collapsible boxes

Toys: Optimum presentation of the product with the aid of windows with flexible bending edge

COSACK Printing + Packaging develops and produces packagings for all sectors. Accordingly we will be pleased to assist you in the solution of your sector-specific packaging problems.


The design of the collapsible box for a particular product depends on the products individual field of use. Precisely matched to the requirements of the most different sectors, we are able to offer a wide variety of possible types of processing in offset printing for:

- Collapsible and slide boxes
- Collapsible boxes with automatically foldable bottoms
- Vending machine packagings
- Bag packaging with and without accordion
- Boxes with lids with 4-point and 6-point gluing
- Blanks
- Bases for skin/blister packs
- Window rear gluing also with flexible bent edge
- Upgrading processes of every type  

We convert cardboard materials with grammages from 200 g/m2 to 750 g/m2

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