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History and development

1833 Founding of the Tappe + Cosack
metal goods factory
Theodor Cosack

In 1833 the brothers Theodor and Egon Cosack together with Gottlieb Tappe founded the metal goods factory Tappe + Cosack in Neheim. This was followed in 1848 by the establishing of the first lamp factory in Germany - Cosack Brothers - as well as a few years later by the foundation of a pan foundry.

1921 Founding of the Cosackian cardboard
packaging factory
Firmengründer Adolf Cosack der Zweite

In 1921 Adolf II. Cosack, grandson of the founder Theodor, set up the Cosackian cardboard packaging factory in Vosswinkel, Neheim for packing the company's own goods. A flexible mode of packaging had to be selected by reason of the very wide range of products being produced.

1947 New management under
Carl-Willy Kleine-Cosack

In the following decades the scope of requirements as well as of opportunities became ever larger. For this reason Carl-Willy Kleine-Cosack, who had taken over management of the business from his father-in-law in 1947, took the decision - still today to be seen as a very important direction-setting one - to change over from letterpress printing to offset printing.

1973 Change of generation and location

In 1973 his son - Peter Kleine-Cosack - took over the management and decided to separate the company from the Cosack Group. At the beginning of the eighties the company moved into the newly built premises in the Neheim Bergheim industrial estate. The move provided the space for expansion as well as for a factory layout which made possible modern industrial manufacturing processes and sequences.

2018 Development and perspectives
Firmengebäude 2012

Since the eighties the name Cosack stands for modern technology coupled with modern organizational forms and the continuous readiness to change and adapt.

Personally. Professionally, Technologically. Reliably. As a business we see ourselves as providing a bridge into the future as well as with strong bonds to feet-on-the-ground values such as loyalty, trust and collectiveness.


With effect from July 1, 2018, Patrick Kleine-Cosack took over the position of managing director of his father Peter Kleine-Cosack, who also retires from the management. Mr. Peter Kleine-Cosack, who has successfully steered the company since 1973, can look back on an impressive entrepreneurial achievement. He has succeeded in setting a highly industrialized company from a formerly artisan-oriented company through decisive decisions. One of the decisive factors in Mr. Peter Kleine-Cosack's 45 years as managing director for the future of the company was the separation from the Cosack group of companies in 1973, as well as the construction of the greenfield plant in 1982. The management is now responsible for Mr. Patrick Kleine and Jürgen Kocks, who has been managing director of Cosack since 2006. Mr. Peter Kleine-Cosack is still available to the companies as a guide.

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