Corporate details

Corporate details

1. Limitation of liability

Content of the material on this web site
The material on this web site has been put together with the greatest possible care. However the offerer can undertake no guarantee for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the material made available on it. Use of the material on the web site is made at the risk of the user. Contributions with the name of the contributor give the opinion of the author which may not always be the same as that of the offerer.

Availability of the web site
The offerer will endeavour to offer the calling down service as far as possible without interruptions. However even with the greatest care down-times cannot be excluded. The offerer reserves the right to change or withdraw his offer at any time.

External links
This web site contains links to the web sites of third parties ("external links"). The liability for these web sites lies with their particular operator. When creating each external link the first time, the operator (of this web site) checked whether the third party material contained any statutory violations. At this point in time no such statutory violations were apparent. The offerer has no influence on the current and future form and content of the linked web sites. The setting of external links does not signify that the offerer embraces the content of the material lying behind the reference or link. It would not be reasonable for the offerer to be expected to continuously check these external links unless he had received concrete indications of statutory violations. If such statutory violations should become known to the offerer, the relevant external links will be deleted without delay.

No contractual relationship
No form of contractual relationship comes about between the user and the offerer through the use of offerer's web site. In addition and to this extent no contractual or quasi-contractual claims against the offerer are created.

2. Copyright

The material published on this web site is subject to German copyright law. Each utilization of the material that is not permitted by German copyright law requires the written agreement in advance of the offerer or of the particular title holder. This holds good in particular for duplication, processing, translating, storing and converting of the material or, as the case may be, of passing it on or reproducing it in databases or other electronic media and systems. Indications are provided of the material and rights of third parties. The duplication or passing on of such material or of complete pages without permission is not permitted and is actionable. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use is permitted.

Links to the web site of the offerer are welcome at all times and do not require any form of agreement by the offerer of the web site. The representation of this web site in external frames is permissible only with agreement.

3. Data protection

Information on the access (date, time, page/s viewed) can be stored on the server when a person visits offerer's web site. This data do not belong to the person-related data but are stored in anonymous form. The data are evaluated solely for statistical purposes. Passing on of the data to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes does not take place.

The offerer explicitly draws attention to the fact that the transferring of data in the Internet (e.g. through communication per e-mail) can have security gaps and cannot be protected in a gap-free manner from the data being accessed by third parties.

The use for business promotion purposes of the contact data provided in the corporate details is explicitly not desired unless the offerer has in advance and in writing given his agreement thereto and unless there is already a business relationship between the parties. The offerer and all the persons named on this web site veto herewith each form of the commercial use and passing on of their data.

4. Applicable law

Holding good exclusively is the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

5. Particular terms of use

Explicit reference will be made at the appropriate point should the individual terms of use for this web site differ from that given in the afore-mentioned sections 1 to 4. In such cases the particular terms of use hold good for the particular individual case.


6. Image rights

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